Hunza Batura Trek


It lies in Batura Valley Passu in Gojal region of the Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan. The Batura Glacier, 57 kilometers (35 mi) long the northern region is holy with lofty mountains, long glaciers and amazing landscape making it a heaven for Alpine lovers. Batura Glacier trek is an incredibly beautiful trek of such scenery. An average height of 3800m, wild alpine flowers filled meadows, birch trees and where roses and juniper trees are common.

While trekking, we can get an opportunity to see the Wakhi peoples’ summer life style as they venture to summer pastures to graze their cattle and yaks. The actual trips starts in Islamabad, the modern capital of Pakistan and we drive on Karakorum Highway, one the wondrous achievements of humankind with breathtaking views of Rakaposhi, Diran Peak, Shishpar peak 7611 meters, Ultar peak 7388 meters, Passu Peak 7478 meters, Karon Koh (7200 meters, and the Batura massive 7500-7785 meters, so many Karakorum giants. The captivating Hunza culture, their smiling welcome, their warm hospitality is an equally charming experience of its own. Every day of the trip turns to be fascinating making the whole of trip an incredible life time experience.


Not Included

  • Transportation
  • Pick and Drop Islamabad to Islamabad
  • Accommodations
  • Professional guide
  • Air Tickets
  • Entry Fees

Trip Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive to Islamabad. Hotel.
Day 02: Fly to Gilgit or Drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel
Day 03: Drive to Passu either from Gilgit or Chilas. Hotel.
Day 04: Trek to Yunzben. Ten
Day 05: Trek to Ujhoupirt. Tent.
Day 06: Trek to Yashpirt. Tent.
Day 07: Trek to Gutshism. Tent.
Day 08: Free day. Tent.
Day 09: Trek to Yashpirt. Tent.
Day 10: Trek to Yunzben. Tent.
Day 11: Trek to KKH and drive to Hunza. Hotel.
Day 12: Free day. Hotel.
Day 13: Drive to Gilgit. Hotel.
Day 14: Fly to Islamabad or drive to Chilas in case of flight cancellation. Hotel.
Day 15: Free day or complete road journey from Chilas to Islamabd. Hotel.
Day 16: Fly Out

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